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What Are the Effects of Cyberbullying?

The Effects of Cyberbullying

Targets of cyberbullying suffer from some unique consequences and negative feelings. Learn about some of the common feelings cyberbullied teens and tweens often experience.

More About Cyberbullying
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It is not uncommon for workplace bullying to cause stress and anxiety. Discover six ways to cope with anxiety.

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Research shows a connection between bullying and depression. Be sure you can identify the signs of depression in your bullied child.

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Why Bullies Shift Blame and How to Hold Them Accountable

Bullies often have a hard time accepting responsibility for their actions. Discover how they shift blame and deflect responsibility and what to do about it.

4 Ways to Help a Bullied and Suicidal Teen

If your friend is being bullied and is acting suicidal, get help for her right away. Discover four ways you can support your friend.

4 Reasons Why You Should Not Say “My child would never bully”

It is normal to expect the best from kids. But don't assume you can predict their behavior. Learn the dangers of saying: "My child would never bully."

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How to Spot Suicide Warning Signs in a Bullied Friend

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How to Prevent Xbox Cyberbullying in Your Child’s Life

Cyberbullying on Xbox can feel overwhelming, but there are things you can do to keep your kids safe. Discover several guidelines for preventing cyberbullying.

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