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Effects of Bullying

Bullying takes a toll on everyone involved. Discover how bullying can impact mood, academics, health, self-esteem, relationships and more.

What Are the Costs of Bullying?
Bullying is a serious problem. But research shows that many adults don't realize how much kids suffer. Discover the high price kids pay for being bullied.

How Strong Is the Link Between Bullying and Suicide?
There is a link between bullying and suicide. Discover the role bullying plays in suicide and what you can do to help.

What Are the Effects of Cyberbullying?
Targets of cyberbullying are subjected to a variety of unique consequences and negative feelings. Discover some of the common emotions cyberbullied teens and tweens experience.

9 Consequences of Name-Calling
Name-calling is one of the most damaging types of bullying. Discover how name-calling affects victims.

What Are the Consequences of Sexting?
Sexting has serious consequences. Learn how teens can be impacted emotionally and legally by participating in sexting.

How Witnessing Bullying Impacts Bystanders
It is hard to watch others being bullied. In fact, research shows that bystanders may be as much at risk as the victims. Learn how bullying impacts bystanders.

Bullying Can Lead to PTSD
Everyone knows that bullying can be a traumatic experience. As a result, it can lead to stress-related conditions including PTSD. Discover how PTSD manifests itself in kids.

Bullying Linked to Eating Disorders
Eating disorders have a number of contributing factors, but research has shown that bullying is a prevalent factor. Discover how bullying contributes to eating disorders.

Depression Can Increase Risk of Being Bullied
Bullying is serious issue with a number of consequences including depression. Explore the links between depression and bullying and discover what you can do.

Bullying and Anxiety - What Is the Connection?
Bullying can be traumatic for the victim. Discover how prolonged bullying can lead to anxiety disorders.

Effects of Bullying Last Into Adulthood
There is an elevated risk of psychiatric problems from bullying that extends into adulthood. Learn more about how the adult mind is impacted by bullying experienced in childhood.

Obesity and Bullying – What Is the Connection?
Obesity and bullying are both reaching epidemic proportions in the United States. Discover how the two are connected.

How Weight Teasing Affects Body Image
When kids are bullied about their weight, whether thin or overweight, they become dissatisfied with their bodies. Discover how weight teasing impacts body image.

How Bullying Impacts Sleep
Bullying is not confined to the classroom. Now, it impacts the bedroom too. Learn how bullying impacts the sleep of bullies, victims and bystanders.

What Are the Effects of Workplace Bullying?
Workplace bullying is a growing problem in the United States. Learn how targets of bullying, co-workers and companies are impacted by bullying.

Victims of Bullying Plagued by Issues in Adulthood
The effects of bullying are significant and often last into adulthood. Discover how victims of bullying have greater risks of criminal activity, health problems and financial issues.

6 Ways Bullying Impacts the Family
Victims of bullying are not the only ones affected by bullying. Discover how the target’s family members also are impacted.

What Are the Immediate Effects of Bullying?
Bullying takes an immediate toll on the victim. Learn how to spot the short-term effects of bullying.

What Are the Long-Term Consequences of Bullying?
The consequences of bullying can last far beyond the teen years. Knowing the signs of bullying and intervening quickly are crucial to preventing lasting effects. Learn what can happen long-term if bullying is not addressed.

Witnessing Repeated Bullying Can Affect Bystanders
A child doesn't have to be the victim of bullying to be affected by it. Bystanders are impacted too. Learn how bystanders can experience stress from bullying that can equal that of the victim.

What Are the Effects of Backstabbing and Relational Aggression?
Victims are affected by all forms of bullying, including backstabbing and other forms of relational aggression. Learn how relational aggression impacts victims of bullying.

How Being Ostracized Impacts Kids
Bullying in any form can be harmful, but being ostracized can have devastating effects. Discover some of the harmful effects of being ostracized or socially excluded.

Bullying in Childhood Linked to Self-Harm Later
Research shows there is a link between bullying in childhood and self-harm in the teen years. Discover tips for helping a teen who self-harms.

Understanding the Impact of Rumors and Gossip
Gossip and rumors impact a teen's life in a number of ways. Discover why kids spread rumors and gossip and how it impacts others.

Sibling Bullying – Does It Really Matter?
Fighting among siblings is not uncommon. But when it turns to bullying it needs to be addressed. Discover the effects of sibling bullying.

Workplace Bullying Causes Anxiety Issues
The effects of workplace bullying are staggering and long-lasting. Discover how long-term exposure to workplace bullying can lead to anxiety issues.

4 Reasons Why Ostracism Is So Painful
Being excluded from a group is as painful as being punched. Discover four reasons why ostracism is one of the most painful types of bullying.

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